Nitassinan, April 2, 2015. — On behalf of their members, chiefs of the nine communities of the Innu Nation wish to offer their deepest sympathies to the members of the Cree Nation who are affected by the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of five young people of their nation yesterday.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues from the Innu Nation, Chief Gilbert Dominique from Mashteuiatsh wanted to send a message of consolation and solidarity to all those affected by the current situation: « We want to tell our brothers and sisters of the Cree Nation that we accompany them with our prayers and our thoughts in the pain they have today. We express, especially to the families and friends directly affected by this tragedy, our deepest condolences and our willingness to support them in the moment they are passing through. We will rapidly contact the authorities of the Grand Council of the Crees to assess how, if this is possible, our communities can help people affected”.

Several families of the Cree Nation and the Innu Nation have ties and come together on a regular basis. This tragedy affects many people of the Innu communities who wish to show their solidarity at this difficult time and to ensure their support for the next steps.

The Innu Nation, which speaks for nine local governments, intends to defend the rights, preserve the assets and promote the development of Innu First Nations. It brings together the communities of Mashteuiatsh, Ekuanitshit, Nutashkuan, Unamen Shipu, Pakua Shipi, Matimekush Lac-John, Essipit, Uashat mak Mani-utenam and Pessamit.

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